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"Green Soul" introduces the concept of indoor plants presented as innovative and creative products for home and office décor. Our creations lend elegance and freshness to your living spaces without the accompanying inconvenience of maintaining indoor plants. Our products are the unique combination of indoor plants and creativity. Research shows that indoor plants are great stress-busters. Greenery and artistic creations in your surroundings increase positive feelings, and reduce anxiety, anger and sadness in your life.

  • We, at "Green Soul", endeavor to enhance your experience of having artistic indoor plant creations by reducing the hassles required for plant upkeep. Our scientists have combined age-old traditions and modern science to painstakingly develop ‘ECO-SORTIA’, a special eco-friendly soil-biomass mixture, which is devoid of pests and insects and takes care of the nutritional requirements of the plants for extended periods of time. It contains organic material that enhances the root growth and controls pests.
  • Green soul" adds value to your life and well being with their hazel free kitchen garden concept through their workshops. Growing of vegetable crops in residential houses to meet the requirement of vegetables of a family all the year around. Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding. Not only will you be gifting yourself with organic, fresh and vital produce you will relax and unwind while you commune with nature in your vegetable patch. However big or small this is, It will become your oasis of tranquility.

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