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"Green Soul" strongly believes in business ethics. We  provide consultancy services foe various agro projects through better utilization of your resources, value of your money, cost effective, profitable solutions and complete satisfaction without any deviation.  

Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue culture is a technology used for multiplication of selected and high yielding mother plants and to supply uniform vigorous, disease free plants in large numbers in the shortest period of time without change in genetical and physiological characters.

"Green soul" provides technical knowledge in establishing tissue culture labs for commercial as well as research purposes. We are engaged in consultation for setting up a plant tissue culture laboratory. Our team of expert professionals has rich experience in this domain and uses latest technology and resources for executing all the projects efficiently. Further, our team maintains a regular touch with the customers to understand their requirements and ever growing demands in a better way. We have expertise in  mass production of banana plantlets by tissue culture method.

We provide services for the following:

  • Projection of Project proposal.
  • Commercially suitable and profitable infrastructure.
  • Implementation of production schedule.
  • Contamination monitoring.
  • Guidance for DBT recognition.


Bio-fertilizers are defined as preparations containing living cells or latent cells of efficient strains of microorganisms that help crop plants' uptake of nutrients by their interactions in the rhizosphere when applied through seed or soil. They accelerate certain microbial processes in the soil which augment the extent of availability of nutrients in a form easily assimilated by plants.

Bio-fertilizers add nutrients through the natural processes of nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphorus, and stimulating plant growth through the synthesis of growth promoting substances. Bio-fertilizers can be expected to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Bio-fertilizers are eco-friendly organic agro-input and more cost effective than chemical fertilizers.

We provide services for the following:

  • Preparation of project reports
  • Establishment of mass production of solid and liquid state bio-fertilizer production unit.
  • Selection and maintenance of microbial cultures.
  • Quality analysis of final products.
  • Create awareness among farmers for organic farming.

Green house Cultivation

The fertile agriculture land is shrinking day by day as urban development and industrial development is taking place. In per farmer agriculture land size is also decreasing. The adverse climatic condition affects the production very much. Some time the production cost does not return to farmers.

Under the green house we can take the agriculture production with surety. The quality of produce under green house is very good. Grower can take more crops under green house. One easily controls the disease and pest under the green house. There is a minimum loss by the birds and climatic condition in the green house.

We provide consultancy for vegetable cultivation in green house including designing greenhouse structures, environmental controls, optimizing fertilizer mixes, business plans, budgets, labor management, and pest and disease control.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a system which avoids the use of synthetic inputs (such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed, etc.) and to the maximum extent feasible relies upon crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, off-farm organic waste, mineral grade rock additives and biological system of nutrient mobilisation and plant protection.

Organic farming is the need of the hour. We are seeing a rise in organic farming as peoples are becoming highly conscious about their health and the foods they consume — more and more people are opting for organic food to avoid the consumption of foods that are grown using chemical preservatives.We provide consultancy on organic and economic way of farming.

Kitchen Gardening

A kitchen garden is where herbs and vegetables are grown around the house for household use. Since early times a small plot near to the house has been used for growing a variety of vegetables according to the season. Local varieties such as radish, broad leaf mustard, chilli, beans, Tomatoes, Spinuch etc. are all can be grown in the kitchen garden. In our workshops we provide information on how to establish and manage kitchen gardens with minimum input for maximum output, and show how to produce varied and nutritious crops of herbs and vegetables for use in the kitchen. If your garden harvests taste good and make you feel good, you will feel more motivated to keep on growing. This gives you pleasure and health both.

Benefits of Kitchen Garden:

  • To grow Organic, Healthy and Fresh Vegetables for yourself;
  • To save the cost of buying vegetables and herbs;
  • Waste resources such as kitchen scraps and dirty water can be recycled onto the garden;
  • Wasteland around the house can be made productive.

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